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Product labels individually and flexibly. Short lead times and a photoreal colored imprint, as well as the machine labelability are mostly in the forefront when it comes to adhesive labels on roll.

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Talk to our sales representatives and technicians, describe your application case or come to our demo room to get one of many solutions presented. Your direct line to us: +49 6135 - 93 222 0

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Our company introduces itself

One Point GmbH - Your partner for digital media 

Our company One Point GmbH, offers since 1996 a comprehensive product and service program for digital media. We maintain long-standing distribution partnerships with leading manufacturers, E.g., Primera, TEAC, or Verbatim - Which is an important prerequisite for good service, consistent quality, fast availability and reasonable prices. Our product range is focused on professional small-scale production of digital media, including Blu-ray / CD-R / DVD-R / USB stick and SD duplication and printing systems, as well as color label printers for rollet printing. However, we have proved to be both competent, reliable and low-priced supplier not only for equipment, but also for consumables such as blanks, labels, archiving and packaging solutions. 

Today … 

Practical proximity to the customer means our company philosophy, which One Point also does in the day-to-day business. This means we are easily accessible, we are interested in our customers, their requirements and also their problems. Before the purchase is expressed by a competent and fair advice, on request also by a personal demonstration in our business premises. After the purchase our customer proximity is reflected above all in a fast, uncomplicated and kulanten support. In addition, there is a wealth of services that perfectly round off our portfolio, such as guarantee extensions, leasing offers or a cost-effective rental of rental equipment in case of repairs. Resellers will receive free loan equipment and consumables from us for trade fairs and exhibitions. By being close to our customers, we also know how important short response times are: queries by e-mail or fax are answered promptly, promised call-backs actually take place. Standard products and all current consumables are usually available from stock. By the way, we also strive for a "good wire" to manufacturers and distributors. After all, our customers benefit from this again. For example, when it comes to individualization or if unbureaucratic goodwill solutions are required. 

… and in the future 

Customized to the future needs of commercial customers and resellers, One Point Storage Systems launched its online shop in the spring of 2008. Our newly developed web presence gives you quick access to detailed product descriptions, daily updates, editorial news and background information. When planning our shop system, it was important to ensure that each ordering process is straightforward, transparent and secure. As important as the online shop for the future orientation of our company will be, the tried and tested concept of practiced customer proximity will not change: "We are pleased that we meet the desire of our business customers for an informative and practical shop system "Says Siegfried Rosenmeyer, Managing Director of One Point GmbH. "Nevertheless, we will not neglect our classic sales channels. In the future it will not be a problem to contact us personally, for example with special product questions or problems". 



Here we offer you our label printing solutions. If you do not know which label printer is the right one for your application - if the words "waterfall", "Memjet" or "Pigment Ink" do not help you, then we provide you with the overview. On the following product pages, you can find out about the various products. These color inkjet printers in roll technology differ in terms of application, graphic print quality and durability of the print. Each system has its own particular strengths.

Lost track? Give us a call - +49 6135 - 93 222 0


Labeling systems & equipment

We offer semi-automatic labeling machines to equip up to 600 containers per hour in semi-automatic process. This means that the container has to be manually inserted into the machine, the label or labels are applied automatically. 

For higher container throughput, we recommend systems with conveyor belt technology. This means that up to several thousand containers can be processed or tagged per day. 

Our labeling systems offer the flexibility you need in your production - just contact us. 

The One Point department for labeling machines helps you make the right selection and guarantees the labeling of your containers to 100%!

Here, too, we provide you with an overview! Give us a call - 06135 93 222 0


Label rolls

One Point has a material range of about 60 different materials. There are papers, films, especially highly adhesive and re-releasable (residue-free) labels, structured papers in different structures and with different colorings, silver and gold foils individually tested for each printer type. We carry roll papers without glue, VOID labels as well as special high-strength labels.
We carry materials for laser printers, dye ink and pigment ink roller printers as well as for thermal transfer roller printing. Ask for the right material for your printer!


As an authorized partner for PrimeraDisc publishers and EPSON DiscProducer, we offer you dual copying systems with integrated burner drives and color printers. This allows you to produce short runs of up to several hundred CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs in a short time. We also offer disc copiers without printers with up to 12 recorder drives, as well as USB copiers.


Lost track? Give us a call - 06135 93 222 0

Printable media

Our media division is limited to high-quality printable media for inkjet printing, as well as for thermal re-transfer CD printers. Our CD-, DVD- and Blu-Ray media are available in a full-surface print to the inner hole, with an extra discreet silver underside (writing), as an 8cm mini-CD as well as archival grade (archivable quality level) medium. To our media we offer Cases (Jewelcase, DVD-Box, Dual-Cases) as well as Papierttecktaschen with window or glue point.

Our product portfolio

  • Copying and printing systems for optical media (Blu-ray, DVD, CD)
  • Duplicators for USB sticks, SD cards and microSD cards
  • Data carriers (e.g., printable blanks)
  • Color label printer for small series 
  • Labels thermo- and ink-printable
  • Special labels, special labels and special formats (special contours and shapes)
  • Consumption and packaging materials (eg CD covers, paper bags)
  • Individual printing of media (e.g., USB sticks, blanks, labels, roll labels)

Further information

Our services

  • Telephone purchase advice
  • Technical support 
  • Bring-in-Service 
  • Consultation on individualization 
  • Rental of rental equipment
  • Leasing (via leasing partner)
  • Warranty extensions 

Further information

For questions, we are available! + 49 6135 - 93 222 0